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Continuing Education

How to receive credit for GCOMM continuing education courses

Get COPE CE Credits at GCOMM

GCOMM is pleased to present 16 hours of COPE approved Category A credit hours and 2 hours of Category B hours. Please read below for details.

Instructions to Receive Credit

Optometrists: You must sign in with your OE tracker number at the designated desk in front of the conference room at the start of each course. At the conclusion of the course, you may use your mobile OE Tracker app to scan the QR code for the course which will be displayed upon exiting. For those without a smart phone or tablet, please have your OE tracker card or OE tracker number with you so that it can be scanned or inputted for attendance.

This applies to all COPE-approved Category A courses as well as non-COPE Category B courses.

Non-optometrist: You must sign in with your OE tracker number at the designated desk in front of the conference room at the start of each course. You will be emailed a certificate of attendance.

*** Please ensure that you provide your correct OE tracker number and email for certification***


Optometrists can use the OE TRACKER mobile app to record attendance at continuing education courses and receive instant course credit. Not only is it easy, but the app is FREE and can be used by anyone with an OE TRACKER number. The OE TRACKER app is available for iPhones/iPads and Android phones.

To download a version, please search for “OE Tracker” under your Apple Store or from Google Play.

You will need to select “Course Attendee” and log in with your username and password. There is an option to create an account as well.

Once you are logged in, please verify that your OE tracker number and email address are current.

Upon completion of the course, you will use your mobile app and scan the course QR code that will be provided at the entrance/exit of the conference room. Once the QR code is scanned, your course will be logged with ARBO and a confirmation email will be sent to your designated email within a few minutes.

For more detailed instructions, please visit the ARBO website


Please ensure your OE Tracker subscription fee has been paid in order to access your course history. This paid subscription will also allow you to submit your own CE certificates as well.

For the current CE cycle (January 1, 2018–December 31, 2020), the College of Optometrists of Ontario will be paying the OE TRACKER subscription fees for all its   members. Please contact the College if your subscription fee is has not been paid.


All attendees are required to attend the full length of the course.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for a one-hour course or 20 minutes late for a two-hour course, you will not receive CE credit.

It is the delegate’s responsibility to provide GCOMM with correct OE Tracker numbers upon registering. While we upload the credits to CE Tracker, please retain certificates as it is the responsibility of the delegates to maintain their continuing education records for reporting to your appropriate College or State Licensing authority.

GCOMM does not guarantee continuing education approval by individual State/Provincial Boards of Optometry. Participants should inquire about credit acceptance with their state/provincial board(s).

Delegates are requested to complete an evaluation of each session attended. Your feedback is required for COPE reporting purposes, and your input is valued and important to the future planning of the program.

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance via email within four weeks of the conference.

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